PISTA Devices and accessories

Find the right product for your needs.

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Day Machine

€ 600 / HK $6,000


Night Machine

€ 380 / HK $3,800

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€ 900 / HK $9,000



Earphone for sleep use

€ 12

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Waist/Hip belt for Sports (Day Machine)

€ 20

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Collar Band for Vibration Cords

€ 10

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Headphone Bag

€ 25

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Extra Vibration Cord

€ 25

Sports Head Band (Winter/Summer)

for Day Machine

€ 15



Self-care Program

Learn all the self-help PISTA skills in

‣ Managing emotion

‣ Daily tasks in dealing with mood transition

‣ Enhancing health by building strong daily routine on exercise and food intake

‣ Using the learned skills to master work and family relationship.

800.00 Euro


PISTA Languages Programs

Learn all the self-help PISTA skills in

‣ Communicate in English with confidence

‣ Ignite your creativity

‣ Take part in any conversation

800.00 Euro


PISTA Work Empowerment

Learn all the self-help PISTA skills in

‣ Be trained to lead, collaborate and drive success

‣ Keep your focus on goals and targets

‣ Set realistic personal goals

‣ Increase efficiency in the workplace and among peers

800.00 Euro


PISTA Life Programs

Learn all the self-help PISTA skills in

‣ Achieve a happy and fulfilled life

‣ Build self-confidence and emotional strength

‣ Get emotional support for women's goals

‣ Develop physical and emotional strength for sports

800.00 Euro