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Image by Milad Fakurian


We are a team of scientists committed to helping you

The PISTA Institute is a core team of experts in the fields of human development, neuroscience, psychology, sports, and the science of sound. Its scientific research is focused on investigating aspects of brain science and exploring different techniques to improve an individual’s ability to resolve common human problems.


The institute has a specialised support center that assists people with specific neurological needs and disorders. By employing data it has gathered from various empirical research studies over the past 35 years, the PISTA Institute provides tools for the effective management of the self during difficult experiences and life-changing events both in the past or present.


The PISTA modalities developed by the institute use different frequencies to facilitate the creation and recreation of neural pathways that allow for brain plasticity. As a result, you are able to identify and alter behaviors that pose challenges in managing your fears, relationships, self, and work.

The PISTA Team of Scientists

Dr. Andre Stang (Head Consultant, Inventor of PISTA Ping Pong, EU)

Dr. Cathy Tsang - Feign (Head Consultant, Psychologist, Asia-Pacific)

Francoise Beguin (World Champion in Speed Skiing, Inventor of PISTA Ski)

​Jean Nerva (Two-time world champion in snow surf and motorcycle)

Ka Fook Yung (Head Engineer, Electronics and Sound)

Chan Mei Yee (Specialist, Sound and Music Research)

Dr. Bebhamia Malika, M.D.

Dr. Pascale Louveau, M.D.

Dr. SC Wong, M.D.

Dr. Susan Lee (Psychologist)

Dr. Richard V. Thysell

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