employee development program

Fostering individual strength in the workplace makes good business.

Create happier, more constructive and secure employees.

Reduce sickness absence rates in the workplace up to 50%*
*Based on McLeod J (2010). “Counselling in the workplace: the facts. A systematic study of the research evidence” BACP.

The PISTA Employee Development Program is an employee support intervention that provides human resources a safe avenue for discussing concerns in the workplace. It equips people with the right tools to help develop personal strategies for managing work-related issues. The program provides non-judgmental, empathic, and simple approaches to finding ways to move forward.

Address issues unique to different human resources across cultures and industries. With the Employee Development Program, it is easy to:

  • Resolve conflict

  • Facilitate constructive competition

  • Learn from team members

  • Deliver projects on time

  • Develop innovative problem-solving strategies

  • Increase sales performance