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Use the power of the mind to mend lives

Use Your Mind to Take Charge of Your Life

The Mind and Mend Program is a training course that facilitates a fresh understanding of how people behave, feel and think during different life experiences. This program employs PISTA which utilizes the natural power of the human mind to affect life and improve its quality. It equips you with another tool to help patients analyze their emotions and form constructive responses to situations as they draw on their own inner strength and creativity. 

Be more equipped to give patients the expanded ability to focus on their positive traits. With the Mind and Mend Program, patients achieve:

  • Self-confidence and high self-esteem

  • Inner sense of coherence

  • Strengthened relationships

  • Clear thinking, and

  • Appropriately and successfully managed actions.

The innovative technique of the Mind and Mend Program has achieved major breakthroughs in empowering people to manage and transform their lives. By understanding the power of their minds, your patients discover how to stay in control in moments of anxiety, fear, indecision, pain, recovery, and stress.

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