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Image by Milad Fakurian


Reconnect with yourself and rediscover your Strengths – PISTA
Experience relief from anxiety, depression, long-term illness, and pain with PISTA. Get professional guidance and counselling when you need it most -- when in grief or surviving cancer, during decision-making, and in controlling emotions. PISTA keeps you motivated to learn and function daily. You are in control of your actions and respond well to events and your surroundings.

Take Control of Your Mind and Body

PISTA’s approach teaches individuals rationality and good control of emotions. Its method helps identify life direction and encourages you to move forward and to embrace different scenarios that unfold daily. As a PISTA user, you develop the ability to form constructive responses to various situations. You are able to recognize the onset of harmful thought patterns and take control of circumstances. Decision-making, therefore, becomes an easy and sure process.  


This theory of integrating rationality and emotions makes PISTA beneficial in managing depression, hypochondriasis, irritability, lack of concentration, panic attacks, physical pain, stress, and uncontrollable worrying, among others.

Get Confidence and Prompt Care

Critical issues are addressed promptly because the support of PISTA coaches is also accessible from home in between face-to-face sessions. With PISTA, you are confident and cared for whenever you need caring the most. 

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