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What is PISTA Therapy?
PISTA is a therapy that uses specific sounds and frequencies to relieve physical and emotional pain. It will support you if you are recovering from cancer, grief or PTSD. The therapy has also been shown to be effective in dealing with alcohol and drug dependence. In terms of self-improvement, PISTA therapy can help you make good decisions, manage your weight, and improve performance and performance.

Who needs to do PISTA?
PISTA therapy is for people who need to improve their quality of life. It helps every life stage in different age organizations and cultures. PISTA therapy can manage children to find their focus and make learning easier. Adolescents can also receive support from PISTA as they build self-identity and confidence. In the adult population, PISTA therapy confers resilience to those who experience life challenges and various neurological disorders through to old age.

How does PISTA work?
The PISTA method uses sound to influence how your brain works. Through the PISTA sound tool, PISTA users hear two different tones in their ears, and the brain then combines these tones and creates a third tone in a process called brain entrainment. As soon as the third tone is produced, the brain enters a state that is conducive to change and positive reinforcement. In this relaxed state, you can control your thoughts and get the results you need in a variety of circumstances.

Will I experience immediate changes or relief after using PISTA?
PISTA users lead their own progress. By building strong willpower, PISTA therapy can help you effectively eliminate unwanted symptoms and develop or strengthen into positive feedback. The study reported that users with symptoms such as stress, pain, headaches, migraines, PMS, etc. affecting their daily life experienced a reduction in symptoms almost immediately after using PISTA. May take more time.

How long will the effective effects of PISTA treatment last?
PISTA is a powerful tool that allows you to unite your body with your mind. It will teach you how to deal with future events, and the effect of treatment is not just for a moment. Instead, with time and age, you'll have everything you need.

Once PISTA becomes part of your daily life, it becomes your safety blanket for a lifetime.

What is the PISTA sound tool?
The PISTA sound tool is one of the stimuli used in PISTA therapy. It has two different tones that can be compared to different areas in the brain, creating a relaxing environment that prepares the user for mental, physical and emotional changes.

How to use the PISTA sound tool?
As a PISTA user, you will use headphones to hear the beeps of the PISTA machine. With the guidance of a PISTA coach, you can dramatically change your thinking, and once you reach your desired brain state, you can eliminate unnecessary negative thought patterns in favor of positive affirming thoughts.

How to get started with PISTA?
It is never too late to treat and improve symptoms with PISTA.

Contact us, our therapists are ready to help you.

I am a healthcare worker. Can I get authorization to administer PISTA at my clinic?
Only PISTA-authorized medical practitioners may use PISTA therapy. This ensures that users are cared for by trained professionals.

If you are interested in obtaining PISTA authorization, please contact us.

Why is PISTA useful?
PISTA is useful because it was designed based on years of intensive research and clinical experience. PISTA therapy is researched, developed and tested by multidisciplinary professionals based on evidence-based data. For 35 years, PISTA has handled more than 1 million cases of emotional, neurological and physical conditions.

How is PISTA different from other methods of using binaural beats?
PISTA therapy is more than binaural beats. PISTA is the result of many years of clinical experience and research. Based on the user's progress, the therapist will give the user a unique entry point. Continued, firm guidance from the therapist is an important factor in the success rate of PISTA therapy over other methods.




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