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Introducing the PISTA Sonic - the perfect companion for serious PISTA users who want to take their experience to the next level. This advanced headphone produces beep sounds through binaural beats, which stimulate your brain waves and help you to focus, concentrate and feel more alert. And with the added benefit of built-in vibration modes, you can enhance the effectiveness of the binaural beats and feel a tactile sensation that complements the audio experience.


Designed for long-term use, this headphone is ideal for advanced PISTA users who are looking for faster results. It's the perfect supplement to the PISTA Power Device and PISTA 24 Device, and is recommended for use during daytime activities such as working, studying or exercising. With its Bluetooth capability, the PISTA Headphone allows you to enjoy the benefits of binaural beats and vibration modes on the go. And because it's wireless, you can wear it anywhere without the hassle of wires and cables.


With the PISTA Headphone, you can enhance your productivity, reduce stress, and improve your overall wellbeing.


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