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PISTA Sports Academy

PISTA has safe and cost effective programs that train you to become
strong individuals who are fit to face adversities.
Our coaches help discover and activate natural life support tools.
You become in control of your body and situations. You adapt easily and find resolutions quickly.
Parkinson Table Tennis with PISTA
Parkinson Table Tennis with PISTA (4)
Parkinson Table Tennis with PISTA (3)
Parkinson Table Tennis with PISTA (2)
PISTA for Parkinsons (4)
PISTA for Parkinsons (3)
PISTA for Parkinsons (2)
PISTA for Parkinsons

About the PISTA Sports Academy

Train for Optimum Physical

and Mental Balance

PISTA has specialized programs to improve performance in Table Tennis, Downhill Skiing and Swimming. Your training in the PISTA Sports Academy stimulates your brain to achieve:

✔ Improved balance and sharpened reflexes

✔ Gross and fine muscles

✔ Better hand-eye coordination

✔ Increased body awareness and mental alertness

✔ Endurance, strength, power, and agility

✔ Enhanced concentration and the ability to

    formulate solutions and strategies

✔ Developed mental skills for everyday living

With the PISTA Sports Academy, you are geared to
reach your goals and  fit to face life challenges.

PISTA for Swimming

Arrest your fear of drowning.

Train with PISTA and be confident with a renewed mastery of breathing under water. You develop a strong core to help you win golds in competition and in daily life.

The PISTA Sports Academy  Programs

Keep your mind and body in tip-top shape.

The PSA Programs apply an easy learning base to create stronger body and mind connections that help achieve goals across all age groups.


✔ Developed from various evidence-based research studies on training big and small               muscle groups to improve sports performance and increase self-confidence

✔ Improves concentration, endurance, and one’s ability to formulate solutions and strategies

✔ Cultivates a mastery of using mental strength to face anxiety and pressure from   

    competitive activities

✔ Promotes and utilizes active physical movements to build the mental strength needed to          manage our daily life events

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