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PISTA Device Borrowing Guidelines

  1. Initial Borrowing Period: Users are encouraged to borrow the machine for a specific purpose. The initial borrowing period is two months.

  2. Involvement of a Coach: During the two-month period, users are provided with the assistance of a coach. This coach presumably helps them understand and effectively use the machine.

  3. Assessment Period: After the initial two months, an assessment is conducted to determine how well the machine is working for the user's purpose. This assessment helps evaluate the machine's suitability for the task.

  4. Renewable Every Two Months: If the machine is found to be effective, the user can renew the borrowing arrangement for an additional two months. This suggests that the borrowing period can be extended in two-month increments.

  5. Returning the Machine: If users feel that their problem has been solved, or they no longer need the machine, they are encouraged to return it. The emphasis is on the two-month renewal cycle, indicating that they can continue using the machine as long as needed, provided they renew the agreement every two months.

  6. Feedback and Monitoring: Users are expected to provide feedback and updates on their progress to the coach. The coach is responsible for monitoring whether the users are following the program effectively.

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