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Image by Milad Fakurian


A scientific method designed by professionals for the professionals

Add value to your services. Give the PISTA Method of Caring.

Learn the method developed by experts in behavioral science, developmental pediatrics, neuroscience, and psychology. 

PISTA has different modalities that address various types of neurological disorders and symptoms across cultures and age groups. The key to the success of these modalities is the professional guidance given to the patient throughout his progress toward healing.

With the PISTA Learning for Professionals program, doctors, coaches, and PISTA practitioners are trained to guide the patient reach deep within and to identify both issues and corresponding resolutions. Trainees under this program are educated with the PISTA modalities and are trained to deliver the appropriate modality of treatment for each symptom. 


As a licensed PISTA Practitioner, you are certified to provide your patients with a sound choice to resolve their personal conflicts using a unique method that has been proven effective for over 35 years. Your patients will be equipped to:

  • Fight anxiety and depression

  • Control emotions

  • Recover from long term illness or cancer

  • Overcome grief from loss of a loved one

PISTA also guides patients in managing disorders like phobias and post-traumatic stress.  It also aids in recovering from conditions like alcoholism and drug dependence


By stimulating the brain using different frequencies, the PISTA coach engages patients in a self problem-solving process. They learn to define their problem and to come up with alternatives and solutions which are successfully implemented because they develop confidence in tackling complexity.

Gain from lasting relationships and keep building new ones
People who have been PISTA users for years have developed a lasting relationship with their coaches. Even their family and friends have started using the PISTA method. 

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