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Here are some of the testimonials from the actual user of PISTA. Sharing their real experiences, their insights and the outcome after their PISTA exercises. 

Video Testimonials

Dr Cathy Tsang-Feign
Clinical Psychologist
"I do hope one of these days, I will be able to work with other professional or psychologist in the field to introduce PISTA because I have used many different forms but PISTA has showed up as to be lot more powerful."
Dr Gary Yang
Medical Doctor
"So I would recommend it. If you are struggling, if you feel lost like me, give PISTA a try. It did work for me. It can make results. And I would continue to use it."
Ski Coach
"They weren't ready to do a hog run and with the (PISTA) machine, they did it really well. More confident and really better technique."
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