pista sports academy

Fit for Performance. Fit for Life.

Keep your mind and body in tip-top shape.

The PISTA Sports Academy (PSA) is a program that promotes and utilizes active physical movements to build the mental strength needed to manage our daily life events. Its approach is developed from various evidence-based research studies on movement, which includes training big and small muscle groups, to improve sports performance and increase self-confidence.

PISTA Scientists studied athletes engaged in skiing and table tennis to observe how using the PSA method with sports affects concentration, endurance, and one’s ability to formulate solutions and strategies.They found that the physical training demanded by these two sports cultivates a mastery of how to use mental strength to face anxiety and pressure from competitive activities.

These studies led the PISTA Sports Academy to incorporate the techniques of skiing and table tennis into its method of stimulating the brain to improve its function and maintain the emotional balance required in accomplishing daily tasks. The program involves an easy learning base that provides the daily training needed to create stronger body and mind connections and to develop self-confidence among learners across all age groups.

Reach Your Olympic Goals More Easily

The PSA approach and the training you get from these sports stimulate the brain and lead to:

  • Improved balance and sharpened reflexes

  • Gross and fine muscles

  • Better hand -eye coordination

  • Increased body awareness and mental alertness

  • Endurance, strength, power, and agility

With the PISTA Sports Academy, you are fit to face life challenges and ready to reach your goals.